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Tucson Computer Dude

Remote, In Home, Office Computer Repair

​AL Guevara |

520-304-9066 |

Al works Remotely or In-Home. 2-hour minimum for in-home.

Al lives in Sam Hughes Neighborhood and comes highly recommended by his neighbors. Read the reviews here.

Vacation Watering & Home Care Service

If you’re going out of town and need someone to water your plants, call one of these neighbors:

Personalized Family Transition Support

Hi, I'm Patrick! I’m 17 year old senior in high school who lives in the neighborhood and I’m offering elastomeric roof coating. I was working under another company for a while but have decided it was time to branch out on my own, and run my own show. Despite my age, I know what I’m doing. I pride myself in taking my time to ensure that your roof is sealed neatly and effectively!

Elastomeric roof sealing protects your roof from water damage, sun damage, and general wear and tear. It also reduces AC running costs by reflecting heat off roofs, and can lower your average house temperature up to 10 degrees! In the Arizona heat, that's a must!

Call or text today for more information, or a FREE ESTIMATE on your clean cut coat!

(520) 954-7255



Neighbor Jude Cook shares his collection and his love of sign art at this new museum.

The museum’s mission is to preserve historically significant signs, educate the community on the value signage plays in our everyday lives and to entertain visitors by offering a unique and visually entertaining experience.  520-319-0888

331 S. Olsen, Tucson



Hello Neighbors! I am starting up a business that sells refills on common household consumables like hand soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and other cleaning products. Bring your own container, or purchase a reusable one, and fill up on all your household needs. I will be at the St. Phillip's Plaza Artisan Market every Saturday, starting on Small Business Saturday. Support your (very) local business and come visit me!

I am also looking to start a pilot program just in our neighborhood, that is milk-man style. Imagine this, all your household cleaners and personal care items delivered emissions-free to your door once a month, in reusable containers, and I will pick up the old containers as well. No waste, no fuss! If you are interested in learning more about this program, or just have comments on the type of items you would like to see, then please email me at . Our website with more info is also Thank you!

Amber Volmerang

Let Jan Do It

Offering Services for

You and Your Pets

Dog Sitting

Dog Walking

Cat Care

Plant Watering


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