Nature shots from around the neighborhood can be found on the PHOTOS pages.


Are you in the clear on recycling contamination?

25% of all items in recycling bins are actually trash. That’s a big problem impacting recycling efforts around the world. You can help by following three simple rules:

For all materials not listed above, go to Tucson Clean & Beautiful’s website for a Recycling Directory.

Packrat Control

If you or someone you know is using poison to get rid of packrats or other pests, please reconsider! I will be happy to share information on alternative approaches to the packrat problem, which I know is a huge headache for some of us. However, poisoning the food chain is not the answer, and I beg all of you to please refrain from using poisons if you are considering this route. If you have already laid out poisons, please remove them.

See Mary’s article on Desert Packrat Control

Get in touch with the Pima

County Sheriff’s Department

All Emergencies 911

Neighborhood Resource Guide

Information Line 351-4600

Non-Emergency - 351-4900

Foothills District 351-6311

Terrorism Tips Line 351-TIPS

88-Crime 882-7463

Animal Complaints 724-5900

Dust Violations 724-7400

Illegal Dumping Hotline 724-7400

Mental Health 24/7 Hotline 622-6000

Graffiti Abatement 792-8224

Pima County Road Conditions 547-7510

Zoning Violations 724-9000


to the Oracle Foothills Neighborhood Association website. Oracle Foothills Neighborhood encompasses approximately 275 homes situated in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains on the north side of Tucson, Arizona. Close to the city, yet out in the country, wildlife and native plants characterize this eclectic and interesting neighborhood. We urge you to get involved in your neighborhood and help make it an even better place to live!

Welcome . . .


Do you need a pool person?  Maybe someone to clean up your yard?  Are your drains clogged?  Perhaps you’re looking for a housekeeper.  We have the answers!  






P.O. Box 35783

Tucson, AZ 85740

Webmaster Carole DeAngeli

caroledeangeli at gmail dot com


Where Are We?

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See the SITE MAP for all the info you can find on this website

Oracle Foothills

See Graffiti?

Report it promptly - anywhere in Pima County - to 792-8224 or fill out the online form.  You can also download a free app for your smart phone - either Android or IPhone from your app store.

Read more about Pima County’s Graffiti abatement program, TAAG.

Don’t assume someone else will report the graffiti. Getting graffiti removed as soon as possible is important for reducing the negative impact to the community and to reduce the possibility of future tagging.

Check the website above for reporting graffiti in other jurisdictions (Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana).

U.S. Senate

Senator Krysten Sinema

Senator Mark Kelly

U.S. Congress, District 2

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

State of Arizona

Governor Doug Ducey

Arizona Legislature, District 9

Senator Victoria Steele

Representative Randall Friese

Representative Pamela Powers Hannley

Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 1

Supervisor Rex Scott

Who Are My Representatives?

Trees for Tucson

There have been recent changes to the Tucson Clean & Beautiful Trees for Tucson program.

Trees are now available for order for $20 ($25 for fruit-bearing trees) and that includes delivery.  There is no limit and no planting restrictions.  To order and for more information click here.

Trees for You

Tucson Electric Power customers can order discounted trees directly from TEP.  They are $5, but there is no delivery.  They can be picked up from a cooperating nursery. Click here to order.

The Power of Shade Trees

Planting and maintaining desert trees to shade your home provides many benefits:

Get out and plant your shade trees today!

Nextdoor is a neighborhood message board that allows you to communicate not only with all Oracle Foothills members, but also members of 41 nearby communities - over 5000 homes in all.  This is a quick and easy way to notify neighbors of a lost pet, post an event, list an item for sale, make recommendations, notify neighbors of a crime or public safety issue, and more.  It’s easy and free to join.  Just go to Nextdoor Tucson and sign up.  You can adjust settings to receive fewer or no emails.

Contact Carole DeAngeli if you have any questions or concerns.

Arizona Illustrated: Crested Saguaros

A video featuring our famous neighborhood saguaro and her owner

Do you want to feed the hummingbirds?

We are lucky to have hummingbirds here year around, and it is a great joy to see them feeding just outside your window.  

Attracting these little birds is quite easy.  Just buy any one of the commercially available feeders, fill with a simple syrup solution and wait for the show.

Here’s the recipe for the nectar:

The ratio of water to sugar is 4:1

(i.e. 4 cups water, 1 cup sugar)

Bring the water to a boil, stir in the white sugar (not brown or raw, not honey).  Return solution just to a boil and remove from heat.  Allow to cool.  Fill feeder.  Refrigerate any unused portion.  


Before refilling the feeder, clean it with  a mild solution of bleach and water.  Rinse thoroughly. Please remember to change the nectar often in hot weather.  Never let mold form.  Spoiled nectar can be injurious to hummingbirds.

Got Bees?

European honey bees (Apis mellifera) are extremely important pollinators.  In Arizona, most, if not all, honeybees have been Africanized, which means they have interbred with a highly aggressive strain.  These bees can be dangerous if disturbed around their nest. You should prevent them from nesting in or around your home by sealing all possible entrances, no matter how small. If you think that a hive has been formed in your house or nearby, please call a responsible beekeeper who will not kill the bees.   In the spring, it is not uncommon to see large colonies of bees on the move, looking for a new place to nest.  These ‘swarms’ may stop to rest temporarily in a tree or other structure.  You don’t have to be concerned about them unless they choose to nest in your house.  Also, bees out foraging on flowers or near water are not dangerous. If bees have taken over your hummingbird feeder, change the type of feeder you use.  A saucer-type, as pictured to the left, will not allow the bees access to the nectar, so they will not bother with it.

Native bees, of which we have many, are not dangerous in any way.

Rob Boone Photography

Garbage Services   

As residents of unincorporated Pima County, Oracle Foothills residents have their choice of garbage and recycle haulers.  There is wide range of prices among the carriers.

Diggins Environmental Services - 520-624-1744

RAD (Right Away Disposal) - 520-881-4227. Pickup for trash and recycle is Wednesday.

 Republic - Pickup is twice weekly.

Waste Management - Pickup for recycle is Wednesday., Trash is Thurs. Will meet competition’s prices if you ask.

 Mail Delivery Issues?

If you have any problems with your mail delivery,

Contact Casas Adobes P.O. 520-531-0695

Mail Theft

Report Mail Theft to 911 and also to the

Postal Inspector


For an up-to-date look at crime around Tucson go to CityProtect  Zoom in to see specific incidents.  Sign up to receive weekly reports.  These reports are updated daily from the police agencies.

Help make your neighborhood safer from crime - Join NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH!  Contact Area Leader for Oracle Foothills - Carole DeAngeli

You can report NON-EMERGENCY incidents to

(520) 351-4900

Call 911 for any ongoing or immediate incidents

Contact OFNA

Carole DeAngeli


P.O. Box 35783, Tucson, 85740


SeeClickFix is an easy means of reporting transportation issues to the responsible government authority. Both Pima County and the City of Tucson subscribe to SeeClickFix and will respond to your reports. You can download the app from your app store for your smartphone and sign up. You can then take a photo and report problems with:

You can also report problems here

Sign Up to Receive the

Neighborhood Newsletter


The stained glass mosaic art created for the entry monument has moved to the corner of Yvon Dr. And Genematas Dr. Thanks to Ed Muren for all of his work restoring the mosaic and preserving it.

The Mosaic has Moved

December 2020

2021-2022 OFNA Officers

And Board of Directors

President - Robert Bolton

Vice President - Lisa Meder

Secretary/Treasurer - Jay DeAngeli


            Angela Baldasare            Delann DeBenedetti

      Scott Ruth                   Chris Reynolds

       Bente Jensen                 Tom Scarborough

                      Maria Brandauer          Paloma Ibañez

Stephanie Morrison              Kurt Dabb

    Diana Ossana                   Joan Scott


May 2021

      Dellacona Triangle Park

The triangle park at the intersection of Genematas Dr. and Canyon View Dr. has been renamed in honor of Angelo Dellacona who was instrumental in creating it. Originally a neglected, paved-over street island used for parking and as a turn-around area, Angelo had the vision to make it a little oasis of native plants and tranquility.  He spent many hours moving dirt, planting, watering, and greeting all the neighbors who happened by.  Everyone got to know Angelo!  

Angelo passed away this year but his spirit remains in the park he created in our neighborhood.The OFNA Board renamed the park in Angelo’s honor and had a sign made to commemorate him.  The sign was designed and created by former neighbor, artist Ed Muren.

Dedication Ceremony

OFNA held a small ceremony to dedicate the new sign and the park in Angelo’s honor.  Thanks to all the neighbors who joined us!

Development on West Yvon Dr.

(March 2021)

Fairfield Homes is planning to develop 21 acres on W. Yvon Drive that was previously owned by the Catalina Foothills Lodge.  The  plan is to build 12 homes on 1-acre lots, retaining the current CR-1 zoning.  In order to access their development, they need to use the easement across private property along W. Yvon Dr. From Genematas Dr.  The plan is currently under review by Pima County planners.  


Have you gotten vaccinated?  It’s easy and FREE and is the only way to defeat the pandemic.  

Go to Pima County Vaccine Information to learn more.

Many local pharmacies are also offering the vaccine.  Anyone over 12 years old is eligible.  

The last board meeting was held on May 9, 2022.  Minutes are here.  

The next meeting will be held on August 15, 2022. Location TBA. For more information, contact

Carole DeAngeli,


OFNA Board Meeting

New Artwork Graces the Entry Monument

The stained glass mosaic that greeted visitors and residents at the Genematas/Oracle entry to the neighborhood for the past 20 years had grown tired of sitting in the broiling sun and was rapidly deteriorating.  Chris Davison, owner of Circa 79 Salon generously offered to fund a replacement, and artist (and former neighbor) Ed Muren presented a design in metal that could stand up to the elements.  On Sunday, October 25,  Ed installed the new artwork.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Chris Davison of Circa 79 Salon for his generous support, and to Ed Muren for creating this work of art our neighborhood can be proud of!

December 2020


Want to help support your neighborhood association with your membership?  Send $45 to OFNA, P.O. Box 35783, Tucson, AZ 85740 or you can use Zelle through your bank to

Or, scan the  QR code in your banking app to pay Oracle Foothills Neighborhood

A Walker’s Guide to the Architecture and History of the Neighborhood

This wonderful book about greater Oracle Foothills  is full of fun and interesting facts, stories, photos, history, oddities, art, people, plants, animals, and all the things that make a neighborhood.  We have a great place to walk right here on our winding streets with so many interesting sights.  

Copies are available to purchase for $20.  Add $5 for shipping if you need to have the book mailed.  Contact Carole DeAngeli for purchase instructions.  

The Little Free Library is Back

The Little Free Library had been sitting in the sun for 5 years and was showing its wear.  After a total refurbishment, it is back in its place in the Dellacona Triangle Park. Thanks to Jay DeAngeli and Barbara Bolton for all their hard work!

Take a Book, Leave a Book

Diane Foray is now the LFL Steward for OFNA. There is a new  guest log to sign when you leave or take a book.

February 2021

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Please don’t dispose of your household hazardous waste in your garbage dumpster.  Take the time to separate it and bring it to our collection.  The collections have been taking place quarterly, but if there is not enough support, we will have to reduce the number of collections we have.  

We thank you for supporting this important community endeavor.  Our sincere THANKS to Barbara Peck, Clark Arnold and David Brown for their continued support and efforts on behalf of this project.

Here is a list of acceptable items

Next Collection

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

7:30-8:30 am

5650 N. Maria Dr.

Please do not drop off items before the start time. Take the time to read the list of acceptable material.  All liquids must be labeled.

Neighborhood Picnic

The party returns! OFNA will hold it’s annual picnic this year in the fall.  We will keep you posted on all the details.  It will be great to be back together again.  Please save the first Sunday afternoon in November.  

Pima Wash / Quail Canyon Proposed Development

The former Quail Canyon Golf Course - located in Pima Wash - has been purchased by a California-based developer. They plan to build 120 2-story houses and 7 3-story apartment buildings (total 210 units) on 30 acres of the 53-acre property. The developers are requesting that the property be rezoned from CR-1 (1.2 houses /acre) to significantly increase the allowable density to approximately 5.9 single family houses /acre and 210 apartment units on 9 acres.

Just a few of the concerns:

• Pima Wash is a designated Important Riparian Area and is a critical habitat for plant and animal species and serves as a wildlife corridor between the mountains and the river. Flood waters cross Rudasill Road into Pima Wash. The construction, human activity and proposed density will negatively impact this area and may drive more wildlife into existing neighborhoods.

• The proposed density (number of residences) is significantly greater than the adjacent residences, which are zoned CR-1 (1.2 houses per acre).

• The developer plans to use Rudasill Rd as an exit, degrading safety and increasing congestion. They do not have approval from the state to use Oracle Rd, and there is no guarantee they will.

• Neighborhood Quality of life issues are also a concern due to increased traffic, noise, light pollution, and other factors that will reduce existing residents’ ability to peacefully enjoy their property. Homes bordering the development will have reduced privacy and degraded views.

What can I do right now?

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BEING CIRCULATED TO LET PIMA COUNTY PLANNERS KNOW THE EXTENT OF COMMUNITY CONCERN & OUR OPPOSITION. You can or download, print, sign and return the petition as directed below. Here is the link to the petition.

Directions for returning signed petitions or any other questions:

Leslie Paige, 785-623-7063 or mail to: 5700 N. Williams Dr., 85704

Carole DeAngeli, 520-275-1292, or mail to: 5459 N. Agave Dr., 85704

Check out the website for opposing the rezoning.

Or Point your smart phone at the QR code below


The property is located east of Oracle Rd and South of Rudasill at the site of the former Quail Canyon Golf Course.

On the map, Oracle Road is at the top.  North is to the right.

The proposed apartments are the 7 buildings on the right side of the page.

The single family residences are to the left of that.  

Ingress/egress for the houses is shown onto Oracle Rd., But the developers do not have permission from ADOT and there is no guarantee that they will.