OFNA Board Meetings are held quarterly.  Meetings are open to all Oracle Foothills neighbors.  Meetings are announced on the website, on neighborhood signs and through e-mail notices.  Minutes will be posted here after each meeting.  

The Annual Meeting / Neighborhood Watch Meeting is held in the Fall.  All neighbors are encouraged to attend.  New board members are elected, neighbors are brought up-to-date on all issues affecting Oracle Foothills, guest speakers discuss interesting topics, refreshments are served and raffle prizes are awarded.  


May 9, 2022


Robert Bolton



September  2022


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Annual Meeting &

Neighborhood Watch #1300

After coffee hour, the meeting was called to order at 9am by president Robert Bolton.  Our guest speaker was Bonnie Swarbrick, a neighbor and wildlife biologist.  Bonnie discussed the results of a study on attitudes toward wildlife, which included participants from our neighborhood.  Also, as part of her master’s program, she worked on a cheetah conservation program in Namibia, Africa.  The third part of Bonnie’s program was all about hummingbirds, including a beautiful video of Arizona’s flying jewels.

Next on the program was Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos who talked about the challenges that law enforcement faces today and some of the ways his department is meeting those challenges.  

In the President’s Report, Robert announced this year’s picnic and did a recap of the previous year’s activities, including the Little Free Library, beautification efforts and panhandling/homeless issues. Jay DeAngeli brought us up-to-date on potential development and street issues.

Area Leader Carole DeAngeli reported on crime issues, and PC Sheriff Sgt. Rockwell also spoke on this topic.

A new board of directors was elected and raffle prizes awarded.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.


The 2010 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, September 18th at the Dove of Peace Lutheran Church on Roller Coaster Rd.  Two interesting and informative guest speakers led the agenda:

Dr. Leslie Boyer the founding director VIPER, which she describes thus, . . . “the Venom Immunochemistry, Pharmacology and Emergency Response Institute, or VIPER, which is part of the UA College of Medicine. We are a research spin-off of the poison center, and we manage a 25-hospital network for the purposes of getting scorpion antivenom to every Arizonan that needs it. We are setting up a related network in Florida, for coral snake bite treatment, and one in Morocco for scorpion sting; plus we’ve done research with rattlesnake bites, brown spiders, and sundry others.”  Leslie is also a neighbor who lives in the home built by her grandparents when they homesteaded on Rudasill Road.

Dr. Boyer spoke about the importance and uses of venom and of the various venomous creatures which inhabit the desert around us.  These include bees, brown spiders, black widow spiders, scorpions, 5 species of snakes and the Gila monster.  Venom is used as a chemical weapon for defense, for immobilizing prey and for digesting food.  

The second speaker was Liz Bernays, a former neighbor who had lived in Oracle Foothills for 23 years.  Prior to receiving her MFA and embarking on a writing career, Liz had an outstanding career in biology, specifically entomology and was the head of the U of A’s Entomology Department upon her retirement.  Recently Liz has moved to Patagonia, where she writes and has published several books.  She spoke about her love of the desert around her former home and how it had led her to write about it in her book, Three Miles, A Walk for All Seasons.  Liz is a keen observer of the plant and animal life around her and the book chronicles her walks through the neighborhood and the interesting things she saw.  Liz read a wonderful passage from her book on the little desert grasshopper, the Desert Clicker.  She also had copies of several of her books available for purchase.

The business meeting followed the speakers.  The minutes of the meeting are now posted on the Meeting Minutes page.  Go to About OFNA to see the new Board of Directors.

Thanks to all the neighbors who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting.

The meeting was FABULOUS on Saturday. The books I bought and both speakers
added to my excitement about the book I'm working on now and the field trips
for word journeys ...Thanks for such a great program.

Marge Pellegrino


OFNA’s Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, September 10th at the Dove of Peace Lutheran Church on Roller Coaster Road.  Upon arrival, we were greeted with the delicious aroma of pancakes and sausages on the stove.  Too bad they weren’t cooking for us!  We had a small conflict in scheduling with the church’s men’s club.  They graciously agreed to move, but not to share breakfast with us!  That’s okay, we had fine treats ourselves, and neighbors had time to enjoy coffee, breakfast goodies, conversation with their neighbors, and to pick up interesting and informative literature and study the neighborhood map.  President Carolyn Redmore got the meeting started promptly at 9 and introduced our guest speakers.  Speaking on means of improving our streets were Pima County representatives Naomi Romano, Improvement District Coordinator, and David Cummings with the Department of Transportation.  See the discussion below regarding the options that were covered.  Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gilbert gave us an overview of the major types of crime in our area and tips on how to keep from being victimized.

Carolyn summarized the events and issues of the previous year; we heard about the association’s finances, and elected a new Board of Directors.  Serving on the Board this year will be Mark Andersen, Susan Berger, Jay DeAngeli, Delann DeBenedetti, Angelo Dellacona, George Grimm, Ron Kuykendall, Roxie Lopez, Karl Oxnam, Carolyn Redmore, Leo Roop and Tom Scarborough.  Many thanks to those who are stepping down this year!  We appreciate your service.

Awarding the raffle prizes was the last order of business.  It was an excellent meeting!

2012 Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

In the hour before the start of the official meeting, neighbors gathered to share coffee, treats, conversation and information.  Many pamphlets and informational documents were available, as well as maps of the neighborhood and the Neighborhood Watch.  President Ron Kuykendall called the meeting to order at 9am, and after brief introductory remarks, introduced Carole DeAngeli as the Neighborhood Watch Area Leader.  Carole, in turn, introduced our first guest speaker, Deputy Cheryl Berry of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputy Berry spoke about the importance of Neighborhood Watch in bringing neighbors a better sense of community, and creating a climate of caring and concern for one another.  

Our second speaker was Officer Tovar of the Pima Animal Care Center who addressed three main topics relating to pets:  loose dogs, barking dogs and wildlife encounters.  He briefed us on how to deal with these situations, both as a pet owner and as a neighbor.

During the business meeting, Jay DeAngeli, our unofficial OFNA Streets Coordinator, reported that we have been told unofficially that our streets will be repaved this Fall.  A big cheer ensued!  Now, keep your fingers crossed!

Ron thanked the outgoing board members - Karl Oxnam and Angelo Dellacona for their service.  The new slate was unanimously elected, including new members Mary Jo Schwartz and Robert Bolton.  

The last item of business was the raffle drawing, including 6 $50-dinners at Metro Restaurants and a pair of tickets to a UofA football game.    Many thanks to Debby Formo for her donation of the football tickets.

And thanks to all of you who attended!

After coffee, refreshments, registration and conversation, the meeting was called to order promptly at 9am by President Ron Kuykendall.  The first guest speaker was District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller who introduced herself and her staff, and then spoke about some of the issues important to her.  She said her office is always available to work with residents on any concerns they may have, and she especially emphasized graffiti, potholes and neighborhood cleanup.  She spoke about the importance of transparency in government and reducing non-essential spending by Pima County.  Supervisor Miller urged residents to sign up for her newsletter, and to follow her on Facebook. She will be holding quarterly Town Hall meetings at several locations.  

Our second guest speaker was U of A Entomologist Carl Miller who entertained us with his witty talk on bees and other interesting arthropods.  Bees, even Africanized ones, are no threat when they are foraging, getting water or even in a swarm which is looking for a new hive site.  The females will defend the hive from invaders, including people or animals.  It is up to homeowners to inspect and maintain their property so that bees don’t use crevices or crawl spaces for hives.  He urged residents to use non-chemical means to control insects around the home.  The chemicals are more harmful to the people than they are to the insects.  

The business meeting included updates on major accomplishments this year (street paving!!), Membership, finances, website, the picnic and Neighborhood Watch.  A new Board of Directors was elected and the two retiring members (Carolyn Redmore and Mark Andersen) were thanked for their service.   

The raffle was the last order of business - 6 $50-gift certificates to Metro Restaurants were awarded.  

Thanks to all who came to the meeting!


OFNA Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Watch #1300

2014 Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Watch #1300

After enjoying coffee and conversation with the neighbors, the meeting was called to order at 9am by Board President Robert Bolton.  Carole DeAngeli then introduced our guest speaker and neighbor, author Bill Broyles.

Bill talked about all the published authors from our neighborhood, including Reg Chapman, Liz Bernays, Marge Pellegrino, Susan Lowell, Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, displaying copies of their books.  

Bill passed out pencils and told the audience that each of us has a story to tell.  Too often, that story is told in an obituary.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Put your pencil to work and start telling your own story!

Carole DeAngeli, the Neighborhood Watch Area Leader, updated the neighbors on crime in the neighborhood during the previous year.  Crime is down significantly from previous years.  Thanks to everyone for their vigilance.

Three major issues, along with all the normal smaller ones, have kept the Board very busy this year.  Joan Scott explained the development plans for the Catalina Foothills Lodge and asked that everyone stay involved to influence the outcome for the best of the neighborhood.

Jay reported on the plans for the Chantilly Tea Room who is asking to amend the Comprehensive Plan and his zoning so that the property can be used for other purposes besides a tea room.  

Carole explained the plan to have Pima County abandon their right-of-way along the entire portion of West Yvon Drive, from Genematas to Oracle Road.  The roadway will be deeded to the adjacent property owners.  

Leo Roop, this year’s picnic chairman, invited everyone to attend the picnic on the last Sunday in October. The new board was then elected, and the raffle held.  The meeting was adjourned at 11am.


Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Watch #1300

President Robert Bolton called the meeting to order at 9am.  The first guest speaker was introduced by Carole DeAngeli.  Dr. Bill Mannan, UA Professor of Natural Resources & Environment, talked about birds of prey in urban environments, what problems thay face, how we can help solve the problems, and the benefits they provide.

As Area Leader of Neighborhood Watch, Carole introduced the new Pima County Sheriff, Chris Nanos, who in turn introduced Lt. Gilbert Dominguez and Deputy Danny Sharp from the Foothills District. They spoke about the work the PCSO does and about types of crime in our neighborhood. Carole then introduced the second guest speaker, Dr. Matthew Johns, telescope scientist at the UA Mirror Lab.  He told us all about the Giant Magellan Telescope project, which is being constructed in Chile.  The mirrors for the telescope are being produced at the Mirror Lab at the U of A under the football stadium.

A review of last year’s activities in the neighborhood was given by Robert Bolton, and some of the neighbors we have lost.  The picnic is coming up and everyone is invited.  West Yvon Drive is now closed, the Tea Room is closed and for sale and there has been no new activity on the Catalina Foothills Lodge project.  Joan introduced the slate for the board and there was one nominee from the floor - Lisa Meder.  The board was elected by the membership.  Ralph Jewett and Mary Clare Jacobs retired from the board this year. After the raffle was held, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.

2017 OFNA Annual Meeting


Neighborhood Watch #1300

After coffee hour, president Robert Bolton called the meeting to order and introduced Sheriff Mark Napier who took office in January.  He spoke about the many challenges of a law enforcement agency that covers 9000 square miles, including the international border.  

During the business meeting, Robert covered the activities of the previous year, including street trimming, and a new entrance sign at Canyon View Dr. There were reports from the treasurer, membership, hospitality, Neighborhood Watch and Street committee.  Lisa Meder invited everyone to the picnic, which will be held on October 29th at the Jensen’s property.  Joan Scott introduced the slate of candidates for the Board.  There was one nomination from the floor - Cathy Monro.  The amended slate was unanimously approved by the membership.

Guest speaker Kim Franklin of the Desert Museum made a presentation on the threat to the Sonoran Desert of the invasive buffelgrass. This fire-adapted, non-native grass is spreading rapidly into the native desert vegetation, which cannot withstand fire. It chokes out the space, sun and water needed by desert natives, and destroys habitat for desert animals. Buffelgrass can be controlled by manual removal and, in cases of large infestations, by application of the chemical glyphosate. Kim urged everyone to get involved to stop the spread of buffelgrass.

Door prizes were awarded for local restaurants. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.

2018 Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Neighbors enjoyed coffee hour and conversation from 8 - 9am.  The meeting was called to order at 9am by president Robert Bolton. In his President’s Report, Robert reported on street improvements, speeding, homeless camps and the upcoming picnic. The Treasurer, Jay DeAngeli reported that we have $12,665 as of the end of the fiscal year on 8/31/18. Expenses for the year were $6,080, including major expenses for the picnic and website domain renewal. As Neighborhood Watch Area Leader, Carole DeAngeli gave the crime report. There was a rise in crime on the south end of Genematas, possibly related to the nearby homeless camps. OFNA has been working to clear the camps and clean up the property, a major undertaking.  The Streets Committee said that big improvements had been made in our streets this year, but work still needs to be done. OFNA continues to work with PCDOT to improve the quality and safety of our streets. There is a proposal to have a document shredding day. We will keep you informed of the details. The slate of candidates for the Board of Directors was introduced and elected unanimously. Everyone was encouraged to attend the Annual Picnic!

2019 OFNA Annual Meeting


Neighborhood Watch Meeting

After the coffee and registration hour, the meeting was called to order by Vice-President Lisa Meder. She gave the president’s report, filling us in on the various activities and events of the previous year, including a document shredding day, household hazardous waste collection, street repair, homeless camps, illegal dumpers, the picnic and development issues.  The treasurer reported income of $5368, expenditures of $5340 and cash on hand of $12,603.

Our guest speaker was neighbor Marge Pellegrino who talked about her passion for the written word and for getting people to put ideas and words in writing.  She has written many books, the latest of which is Neon Words: 10 Brilliant Way to Light Up Your Writing. She led the group in a fun collaborative writing exercise.

The hospitality chairman paid tribute to all those neighbors who passed away this year.  A number of long-time neighbors moved away, and we have lots of new neighbors.

The Neighborhood Watch Area Leader reported on crime during the year, and our efforts to reduce such activity.  

A new Board of Directors was unanimously elected by the membership.  Several lucky neighbors won raffle prizes of gift certificates to local restaurants.